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We use the most modern treatment methods and technological tools to detect and treat every problem in your mouth and teeth.

Gums are structures that complete the teeth and have a very important place in aesthetic smile. The gingiva should ideally appear 2 mm in women and 0 mm in men and should be light pink in color. In addition, the gums should be at similar levels on each tooth.

Even if you have perfect teeth, the irregularity of the gums almost completely disrupts the aesthetic integrity. For this reason, pink aesthetics has become very important today.
Since gingival aesthetic operations are performed with laser, they are usually painless, bleeding-free and short-term operations.
The appearance of gingival tissue more than 3 mm is the most common gingival aesthetic problem today. It is called “Gummy Smile” which is a special name.

Implants are one of the best treatment methods in today’s dentistry, as they completely replace the existing teeth. Because when it is placed inside the existing jawbone, it completely combines with the bone and becomes a very durable structure. It creates a complete tooth structure with teeth in porcelain or zirconium structure placed on this durable structure. It offers a better solution in terms of function and aesthetics compared to the existing tooth, which is yellowed and worn, and the root surface is inflamed.


The upper lip is short or the upper lip is pulled up too much due to the muscle structure of the upper lip.
Enlargement of the gums due to certain drugs and gum diseases
Teeth are small in size and short in length
Lower jawbone
The treatment method is decided according to the factor that causes the gingival smile.
In case of short upper lip, lip augmentation gives very successful results.
If the gums cover the short teeth too much, the lengthening of the dental crowns can be done. In addition, if the gingival inflammation covers the gums too much due to the condition, the gum disease treatment should be done first.
If there is a condition originating from the upper jawbone due to the skeletal structure, it may be necessary to surgically intervene in the upper jawbone.
There may be gingival level differences in the anterior teeth, in this case, pink aesthetics can be achieved by gingival arrangement after orthodontic treatment in the related teeth.
All pink aesthetic procedures are performed under local anesthesia and the amount of pain after the procedure is very low. Regular dental check-up every 6 months after the procedure is very important.

İkon Diş provides service to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach with its physician staff specialized in different fields of oral and dental health.


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