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We use the most modern treatment methods and technological tools to detect and treat every problem in your mouth and teeth.

The anatomical structure of primary teeth consists of shorter roots and a larger nerve (pulp) chamber compared to permanent teeth. Therefore, caries in milk teeth quickly reach the pulp chamber. Except for cleaning the pulp chamber, all treatments do not relieve the child’s pain.

Tooth extraction causes the closure of the area of the tooth that will come under the milk tooth. For this reason, the amputation method is a very important and frequently used method in the treatment of primary teeth.

Implants are one of the best treatment methods in today’s dentistry, as they completely replace the existing teeth. Because when it is placed inside the existing jawbone, it completely combines with the bone and becomes a very durable structure. It creates a complete tooth structure with teeth in porcelain or zirconium structure placed on this durable structure. It offers a better solution in terms of function and aesthetics compared to the existing tooth, which is yellowed and worn, and the root surface is inflamed.


The involved tooth is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Then the caries is followed and the pulp chamber is reached and cleaned. A tissue-friendly special drug is placed in the pulp chamber and permanent filling is made on it. In another method, after waiting 7-10 days for other special medication subjects, permanent filling is performed in the other session.


Pain decreases to zero after the procedure.
The child’s nutrition returns to its old order.

İkon Diş provides service to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach with its physician staff specialized in different fields of oral and dental health.


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