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All Treatments,
Under One Roof

Ikon Oral and Dental Health family acts with the motto of “ethics”, “technological”, “quality” and “patient satisfaction” in all fields of dentistry.

Reliable Dentistry

Dental clinic ethics requires dentists to work in accordance with their professional obligations and ethical principles and to protect the rights of their patients.

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In our dental clinic equipped with technology, we work to maximize your dental health.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Your smile is our priority: Trust us for a healthy and beautiful smile with quality dental services.

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All Treatments,
Under One Roof

We offer an unrivaled number of dental health services under one roof. In our modern polyclinic, all kinds of treatment you need or want, from dental examinations to dental implants, from endodontics to orthodontics, periodontology and prosthetics, are performed by our experienced and expert team.

Experienced and Relevant Staff

All of our staff share the ethics of prioritizing the interests of patients and approach each patient with the care, respect and professionalism they deserve.

Why Icon Tooth?

Whether you're looking for a general dentist, need preventive or restorative dentistry, or are interested in improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry or a mix of these options, we firmly believe we can help. Here are some reasons to choose Icon Tooth:

Our treatments​

Ikon Oral and Dental Health family acts with the motto of "ethics", "technological", "quality" and "patient satisfaction" in all fields of dentistry.

Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dental Tomography

Dental tomography is a medical imaging method used in dental practice.

This method is used to obtain three-dimensional (3D) images of the teeth, jaw structure and surrounding tissues.

Our patients

What is saying?

I came here with the recommendation of my friend, I'm glad I came, it was a long treatment process, but every time we met with the smiling face of the staff and Hakan, I recommend it to everyone. Special thanks to Ms. Sinem and Mr. Hakan.

Oktay Yılmaz
    Oktay Yılmaz

    General Treatment

    Associate Professor Although the fact that Hakan Yılmaz received the title of associate professor at an early age made me think, both me and my family were very satisfied after the service I received. I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates patient-oriented approaches, not commercial ones.

      Senol Karabal

      Dental Treatment

      An excellent clinic for health care and friendliness. Not only the staff assistant is extremely sincere and thanks to Mr. Hakan, I have overcome my fear of teeth for years, I was a person who was afraid to have a filling, let alone a brace. I had a long treatment process. I got through my problems without fear thanks to him. Thank you very much for everything. If my tooth hurts again, I would definitely recommend it as the first place to come.

        Berna Uyanık

        General Dental Treatment

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        İkon Diş provides service to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach with its physician staff specialized in different fields of oral and dental health.


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