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We use the most modern treatment methods and technological tools to detect and treat every problem in your mouth and teeth.

The gingiva is a structure that surrounds the tooth and also connects the tooth with the bone underneath. The free gingival space distance between a healthy tooth and the bone is approximately 2-3mm. This distance can be caused by gingival diseases, poor dental practices, poor oral care, genetic predisposition, etc. If it grows and deepens further for reasons, an unhealthy gingival gap occurs. This deepening of the gingiva causes the bacterial plaque to go deeper into the bone and melt the bone surrounding the tooth in that area. In this situation that lasts for a long time, the bacterial plaque gets deeper in this deep gingival pocket by petrifying it. Curettage treatment is performed in this diseased gingival pocket. Inflamed tissues, tartar and unhealthy tissues accumulated in this pocket are cleaned under local anesthesia. At the same time, it is aimed to prevent the disease from recurring by making the tooth surface to which calculus adheres smoother with special tools.

This treatment method can also be called as the process of cleaning the calculus on the tooth and just below the gingiva by reaching even deeper tissues. It is a very successful treatment method in the treatment of periodontitis, i.e. gingival disease passing through the gingival tissues and into the bone tissue.
While curettage can only be applied to certain teeth, it is a treatment that can only be done in the whole mouth. The curettage session may take more than one session, taking into account the severity of the disease, the oral hygiene of the patient, and the general health status of the patient.


Unlike other treatments, there is almost no pain in curettage treatment. Therefore, the use of painkillers is not required. However, there are rules to be observed.
Oral hygiene should be very careful, alcohol and cigarettes should not be used during the recovery period.
Extremely hot or extremely cold foods and beverages should be avoided and warm foods should be preferred.
The teeth should be brushed very well, mouthwash and antibiotics prescribed by the physician should be used regularly.
Regular dental check-ups should be done every 6 months.

Due to these advantages, rotary instrument systems are constantly used in all types of root canal treatment in our clinic.

İkon Diş provides service to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach with its physician staff specialized in different fields of oral and dental health.


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