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We use the most modern treatment methods and technological tools to detect and treat every problem in your mouth and teeth.

If the primary teeth are lost in the early period due to trauma, excessive destruction and personal preference, placeholders are applied to protect these spaces.

There is a permanent tooth under each of the milk teeth. It both guides the correct eruption of the teeth under the milk teeth and protects the necessary space for the permanent teeth. In case of loss of the early deciduous tooth, placeholders fulfill these tasks and prevent future tooth and jaw disorders.

Implants are one of the best treatment methods in today’s dentistry, as they completely replace the existing teeth. Because when it is placed inside the existing jawbone, it completely combines with the bone and becomes a very durable structure. It creates a complete tooth structure with teeth in porcelain or zirconium structure placed on this durable structure. It offers a better solution in terms of function and aesthetics compared to the existing tooth, which is yellowed and worn, and the root surface is inflamed.

There are two types of placeholders that are preferred according to the number of missing teeth and the patient’s cooperation:
Such placeholders are metal structures that cannot be removed because they are glued to the teeth. It is generally preferred by children who have poor cooperation and do not want to use removable appliances. Although it is more advantageous in the absence of a single tooth, the costs are higher in multiple missing teeth.

Movable placeholders:
Such placeholders are removable appliances with holder structures made of special acrylic material. Regular use is very important as the teeth will move if the appliance is not worn. Otherwise, the appliance becomes unusable as there will be no space to sit in over time. It is advantageous and economical to use in multiple missing teeth.

No needle or other name anesthesia procedure is performed. Oral measurements are not required for both appliances. A digital measurement can be taken according to the nausea of children. According to the measurements taken, placeholders are prepared in the laboratory environment. Appliances prepared according to the person are applied to the patient and the procedure is completed.

İkon Diş provides service to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach with its physician staff specialized in different fields of oral and dental health.

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